Glen Kalesniko

Glen Kalesniko estimates that over the last 33 years, he has trained between eight and ten thousand students and mentored over 20 nationally recognized champions.  His Pride Gym has become a main fixture in the City of Trail.  The list of champions that Glen has trained is indeed numerous.

Glen's list of champions include Leeanne McLim (Canadian Muay Thai Super Bantam champion), Brent Russell (six time Gladiators North American champion), Francis Pettitt (North American Bantam Title), Charles Bisset (World Cruiser Weight champion and Suwit Stadium champion in Thailand), Boom Watt Hanaya, Gavin Neil, and Wesley Neil to name a few.

Besides training champions, Glen is instrumental in promoting physical fitness with local youth at Pride Gym by working with school groups, youth groups, summer camps and hockey teams.

Glen was inducted in 2019.