Smoke Eaters in the 1960's

In the 1959-60 season the Smokies reached the Allan Cup finals again. Trail hosted the eastern finalists, Chatham Maroons, in the Cominco Arena. Ironically, Chatham's starting goaltender was a young Cesare Maniago, a native of Trail. Chatham won the cup with four wins and a tie.

Chatham declined to go to the 1961 World Hockey Championship and the CAHA offered the opportunity to Trail, which was accepted. The World Championship series was played in Geneva, Switzerland. Trail won its second World Cup when they defeated the USSR 5-1 in the final game. Trail is the only community in Canada to win two World Hockey Championships. (See video highlights)

In 1962 Trail went to the Allan Cup Finals for the last time. The Smokies defeated the Montreal Olympiques to bring home the Cup. As a result, the Smoke Eaters represented Canada in the 1963 World Hockey Championship in Stockhom, Sweden. European teams were improving and Trail placed fourth in the tournament.

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1960-61 World Champion Trail Smoke Eaters(Pictured Left)
Playing Coach: Bobby Kromm
Harold Jones, Adolf Tambellini, Cal Hockley,
Dave Rusnell, Norm Lenardon, Hugh "Pinoke" McIntyre,
Harry Smith, Don Fletcher, Ed Cristofoli,
George Ferguson, Seth Martin, Gerald Penner,
*Laurie Bursaw, *Frank Turik, *Bill Margoreeth,
**Walt Peacosh, **Jackie MacLeod, **Darryl Sly,
**Michele Legace, Claude Cyr
Trainer: Joseph Garay
Assistant Trainer: Marshall Anselmo
Manager: Ugo DeBiasio
President: James Cameron

* did not play in Europe
** picked up from other teams to play in the World Championships.