In 1988, the Community Economic Action Committee was formed to promote economic opportunities in the Greater Trail area. The Committee adopted the motto "Home of Champions - In Industry, Sports and Lifestyle" to promote their objectives.

In 1996, Kootenay Savings Credit Union approached Trail City Council with an offer to construct a monument adjacent to their downtown offices on which would be placed the names of individuals and groups from the Greater Trail area who had excelled in their chosen field of endeavor. The monument is located on Farwell Street in downtown Trail. The Home of Champions motto was chosen to identify the project.

A society was formed to select those to be honoured by having their names placed on the monument. A ceremony is held annually to formally recognize new "Champions". A Registry of Champions has been compiled highlighting their accomplishments with a short personal biography where applicable. To view these, touch the underlined name of your choice below.

Nomination forms with the criteria for the selection process are available at Trail City Hall.