Bloodlines - 
Relatives Who Played in the WIHL

Brothers Fathers and Sons
Barefoot, George and Harry Brennan, Mickey and Terry
Borgeson, Don and Bob
Gare, Ernie Sr. and Ernie Jr.
Buckna, Mike, John and Joe Jones, Terry Sr. and Terry Jr.
Hyssop, Lee and Nick Keller, Wendy and Lee
Koehle, Fritz, Red and Gerry Kilpatrick, Jack and Gary
Laughton, Pat and Mike Lenardon, Norm and Tim
Lauriente, Hank and Fred McIntyre, Pinoke and Wayne
Mackie, Art, Hugo and Dub Severyn, Marsh, Marc and Pat
Mailey, Owen and Jimmy
Warwick, Grant Sr. and Grant Jr.
McIvor, Bob and Glen Zanier, Reno, Mike and Barry
Patrick, Lester and Frank
Schmautz, Arnie and Cliff Relationship Uncertain
Scodellaro, Duke and Mario Desireau, Sid and Leo
Secco, Primo and Ernie (twins) Murdoch, Bob and Don
Severyn, Marc and Pat O'Genski, Frank and Johnny
Smith, Johnny and Nick
Spring, Dan and Derek
Sorenson, Carl and Chris

Warwick, Dick, Grant and Bill
Zanier, Mike and Barry