Charles Bisset

Charles grew interested in Muay Thai fighting when he was very young, training at the Glen Kalesniko's Pride Gym in Trail.  In his time with Pride Gym, he won seven of nine matches and at 16 years of age was ranked fourth in Canada as an amateur fighter. 

Charles left Trail and was given the opportunity to train under Rob Kama, a nine-time world champion.  With his fighting skills polished, Charles competed as a semi-pro and went on to win the CMTA National Canadian Muay Thai title, the North American title and the WKA World Championship belt.

As a professional Muay Thai fighter, Charles traveled to Thailand, the birthplace of Muay Thai.  He trained under the renowned trainer Lamsongkram and eventual wan the Muay Thai Suwit Stadium title in the cruiser weight class.

He has also won the ACB North American Kickboxing title, the North American Muay Thai Championships and the World Kickboxing Association Cruiser Weight title.

Charles was inducted in 2019.